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Are you coming to the end of your energy contract? If so you could be one of the half a million businesses affected by the 5% price rise on Standard Energy Tariffs.


what changes are being made?

If you are coming to the end of your business energy contract, then now would be the best time to weigh up your options as to which supplier you want to choose for your following year’s contract. Many suppliers are raising their standard energy tariff rates by as much as 5% within the next few months, which means if you’re out of contract and therefore on a standard tariff, then you could be affected by these changes.


Standard tariffs are known for being very costly due to their volatile nature and with no fixed prices they leave customers with no security. It has already been announced that the suppliers making these changes are widely spread across large and small suppliers, including names like British Gas, EDF and Scottish Power.

Why’s this happening?

A lot of people associate high energy bills with colder weather due to the amount of electricity and gas needed within the winter months, however, a lot of businesses will see a peak in energy prices during the Summer as well. 2018 has witnessed very extreme weather, from the Beast from the East to the much warmer weather that we’ve recently experienced, there is no doubt that it has caused a direct effect on our energy bills, leaving consumers with no choice but to watch their meters tick over and bills continue to grow.


Companies have been forced to use higher levels of electricity on air-conditioning systems or fans to help keep their employees and facilities cool during the 3-month heatwave. This has meant that some systems have been running for days at a time, demanding large amounts of power, it was only a matter of time before suppliers started to adjust their prices due to the pressure on demand.

Use this as an opportunity.

With every negative, there is a positive!


Due to inflation within the market, now is the perfect time to renew your energy contract or compare prices on your energy because whenever prices rise, competition is certain to increase between suppliers as they try to restore the balance for their customers. They will be more open to negotiating better deals in terms of customer benefits and some may even lower annual prices to try and secure your business. They don’t want to lose their customers, so they have to offer extra perks to their packages in order to keep you interested. In turn, it’s also a great opportunity for them to try and gain new business with competitive and enticing deals for new customers.

How can we help?

This means that if you think you could be coming up to the end of your energy contract or are out of contract, now is the time to act! Not only will you avoid being put onto a much higher out of contract rate, but you’re in a better position to negotiate better deals for your business energy!


Here at Black Sheep we go straight to the suppliers and will negotiate a tailored package for your business to ensure that you get, not only the best prices but also the best deal in terms of customer benefits as well. Book a callback appointment with one of the team to find out more about what we can do for your business energy contract.

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