Your business now has the freedom to choose who supplies its water and water bill, meaning you’re no longer tied to an allocated provider.
Using Black Sheep Utilities to arrange your business water contract will not only come with the promise of being able to save anything up to 25% on your water bills, but it also introduces a whole range of other benefits too.

Save up to 25% on your water bills by switching provider.


We will provide you with the clarity you need when it comes to switching, while saving you time. To ensure you get the best prices we’ll monitor the market so that we can be sure to provide your business with the most up to date rates.

We’ll provide you with:
  • Expert market research on the best prices available
  • 100% unbiased water quotes tailored to your business
  • Clear and transparent breakdowns of your water bills
  • Helpful and friendly advice on how to make future savings

Introducing competition into the market now means that water prices will drop and new packages will be available, making you further savings!


Being in control of who supplies your business’ water, allows you to use Black Sheep Utilities to ensure that you receive the best customer service and a much clearer breakdown of your water costs.


You now have the power to decide which water supplier suits your business needs the most. If prices rise and you don’t like it, you can switch.

Reducing your Water Bill

The deregulation of the water retail market in April 2017 is the biggest water sector change since privatisation.

Over 1.2 million businesses in England now can now choose their water supplier and move away from their previous supplier who will have undoubtedly previously monopolised the market in their local area.

Switching Supplier for a
Lower Water Bill!

water bill - Black Sheep Utilities - Everflow

The deregulated competitive market allows for lower prices on your water bill, whilst also leading to improved services as new packages and bundled services are created.

As with other utility markets such as Gas, Electricity and telecoms, retail suppliers purchase wholesale services and or supply to provide their own bespoke packages available to businesses.

Water Bill
Additional Savings

water bill drop - reduce your bill - Black Sheep Utilities

Switching water companies or suppliers is not the only way to save money on your water bill.

Surface water drainage and in some cases, sewage has been billed incorrectly for a large number of businesses and in the majority of cases where a water bill is incorrect, rebates are payable.

Surface Water

water bill - surface water drainage calculation

There are four different ways your water bill may include surface water drainage.

  • As part of your overall volumetric rate
  • A standing charge fee
  • Based on rateable property value
  • Site area of your property calculation


Water Bill - Highway drainage

Highway drainage from footpaths, drains and roads is a separate charge that water companies also charge companies, as part of their water bill.

Although there is a case for these charges being paid directly by road users there is government legislation that prevents this. The British government commissioned a report published in 1998 titled ‘Water charging in England and Wales’, which indicated they had no plans to update this legislation.

Site Area Calculations –
Surface Water Drainage

If your business pays for surface water drainage as part of your water bill as a site area charge, it is usually based on an estimated area which might be incorrect.

Some areas which drain naturally, such as grass areas, might not have been considered as part of the calculation. Additionally, soakaways may already be installed or can be built in areas such as car parks to eliminate areas used for the calculation. Our Water team here at Black Sheep will be able to advise you further so if you think there’s a problem get in touch.

Surface Water
Fee Reduction and Rebates

It’s worth checking if the water from your property drains into the public sewer or a soakaway. If surface water does not drain into the public sewer, you may be entitled to a reduction in your surface water fee and possibly a rebate for any historical water bill already paid.

If you do discover evidence that suggests none of your surface water enters the public sewer, get in touch with one of the Black Sheep team who will then check if you qualify for a reduction to your water bill.

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