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With energy prices at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to investigate Solar power! 

Your business can benefit from fixed unit rate costs as low as 10p per kWh with no capital outlay and no upfront costs!

Solar Power Benefits include:

  • Savings of between 25%-75% on energy costs*
  • Save Carbon whilst Saving money
  • Saving the planet – Helping you reach your Net-Zero targets
  • No capital outlay
  • No upfront costs
  • Electricity rates available as low as 10p per kWh
  • Available to businesses currently in or out of contract
  • Free EV Charging Points**
  • Security of significantly lower prices long term

*Savings are based on current retail energy markets with a cost of approximately 40p per kWh
**Subject to minimum Solar installation size

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Reduce your energy costs and help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint with Solar Power.


Get Solar Power with ZERO capital outlay and NO upfront costs! Pay less for your energy bills and substantially reduce your businesses carbon footprint.


Using Solar Power shows your customers that you are aware of your business’s impact on our environment! It’s not only your roof that will be shining, use your new green credentials to build new customer relationships and strengthen existing ones.


When you switch to Solar Power Energy you will be a green pioneer, not only setting an example to your competitors but showing your customers that your business is ethical and forward-thinking.


Honest, ethical, simple.

At Black Sheep Utilities we believe in listening to our customers which is why we provide them with their own dedicated named customer service team member, supporting them with an ongoing strategy throughout their transition to Solar Power Energy and for the duration of their agreement.

  • Provide you with 100% unbiased advice when it comes to switching, which will ensure your business receives clear and transparent Solar Power Energy prices.
  • Help you keep your energy costs down. Our Solar Power team will help audit all your utilities to ensure you receive the correct advice in order to make future savings and improve your green energy credentials.
  • Get the security of significantly lower prices longer-term, giving you the confidence you need moving forward. By choosing to switch to Solar Power you can showcase the fact that you know exactly where your clean energy is coming from and that it won’t cost the Earth.

Solar Power

Green Energy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do I need to pay Climate Change Levy (CCL) on Green Energy?

Before the 01st August 2015, there was no Climate Change Levy (CCL) payable on energy from certified or qualifying Green Energy/Renewable sources such as Wind or Solar power. The Government withdrew this exemption after this date. There are still some exemptions to paying the Climate Change Levy that some businesses qualify for.

How much UK energy comes from wind farms?

In 2020 wind power provided 24.8% of the electricity used in the UK and currently produces over 24.1 gigawatts from 10,961 wind turbines across the UK. 13.7 gigawatts of capacity is currently created onshore with a further 10.4 gigawatts of offshore capacity.

How much UK energy comes from Solar?

In 2020 solar power provided 4.1% of electricity in the UK, with a current capacity of over 13.5 gigawatts.

How much UK energy comes from Hydro-power?

As of 2018 hydroelectric power stations provided 2.2% of Electricity in the UK, with a generating capacity of 1.87 gigawatts.

why not take a stand today and power your business with 100% renewable sources?
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