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Halloween Countdown

Daily Tasks, Pod Decorations & Costumes. When it Comes to Halloween We Don't Mess Around!

Our Halloween Countdown Incentive

Day 1 in the Halloween Countdown

Our first day of Halloween mischief in the Black Sheep office consisted of apple bobbing, fishing for a lego man in a bowl of baked beans and blindfolded yogurt feeding! Whoever said work was boring, has clearly never worked for Black Sheep!

Gepostet von Black Sheep Utilities Ltd am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

We had an 8 day Halloween countdown this year, just because we love it that much! With daily trick and treat tasks, we had lots of fun Halloween themed prizes up for grabs for our top performers. 

For more videos for this incentive, head over to our Facebook page.

Day 3 of the Halloween Countdown

Day 3 of our Halloween incentive and there's lots more dangling doughnuts and slimy tricks in store for the team!All of our team are being put through some tricky tasks in the run up to Halloween this year! Whenever they hit their target they'll have to take part in a task. For every task completed successfully, they'll be awarded points which build up over the two week period allowing them the opportunity to win lots of great prizes and have lots of fun in the process! 🔮🦇🕸🕷

Gepostet von Black Sheep Utilities Ltd am Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2018
Day 4 of the Halloween Countdown

Lots more of our Halloween mischief in the Black Sheep office! Yesterdays tricky task was pin the tail on the witches cat!

Gepostet von Black Sheep Utilities Ltd am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018
Day 8 of the Halloween Countdown

To mark the 8th day of our Halloween countdown, we had more of the 'Hoop the Witches' Hat' game and everyone seems to be getting the hang of it! We may have to up our ante! 🔮🦇🕸🕷

Gepostet von Black Sheep Utilities Ltd am Freitag, 26. Oktober 2018

Pod Decorations

We also ran a pod decoration competition. The winners automatically fast tracked their way to the Early Friday Finish Incentive which was the Phileas Fogg World of Adventure Tour! As usual we weren’t disappointed by the effort everyone put in, with witches legs dangling from the ceiling, hand drawn caricatures, a smoke machine, pumpkins, costumes, music and much, much more!

our winners were yas nayani-james' sales team!

They really went the extra mile, covering their pod with black out cloth, tranforming the space into a spooky grotto and with the added effect of a machine it would have been unfair to award it to anyone else. Well done guys!

Halloween Costumes

And of course on the day of Halloween it would be weird if you didn’t dress up! We invited everyone in the office to dress up for the occasion and again we really we not disappointed by the efforts everyone made.


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