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Ibiza Take One

We took our Top Performers of the Year to Ibiza!

At our company festival (Rod Fest) last year 16 of the company’s top performers received prizes to congratulate them on their amazing efforts for the company. To thank them for all of their hard work we decided to take them away on an all expenses paid holiday to Ibiza! As there was so many of them we’ve had to split the group in two and send the parties out at different times, half in July and half in September.

These are some of the great pictures and videos they took while they were out there.

During their four days away they not only flew business class there and back but they also had lots to do when they were out there, all paid for by Black Sheep! They went to great restaurants, stayed in Ushuaia (one of the best hotels on the island), enjoyed a private boat trip for the day and also attended a club night at Ushuaia with a VIP table and everything.

"We had such an amazing time, great company, fab food and the boat trip was spectacular! Thank you Joe!"
Nicola Tatum
CAT Team Leader
 We're so glad they had such a great time as it was really well deserved!
Here's to September's group!
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