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Beach Volleyball at Yellowave Brighton

Early Friday Finish - Beach Volleyball at Yellowave Brighton

This month’s Black Sheep Utilities early Friday finish was beach volleyball and beers! We hope that you enjoyed playing volleyball in the last of the Summer sun!

"As a new starter, it was a great platform to meet everyone and enjoy a fun game of volleyball in the sun. I have worked in the B2B sector for many years and Black Sheep is the first company where they continuously throw staff social events left right and centre. Keeps it exciting and motivating. Open bar definitely helps to hit the ball or be hit."

Rodney 2
Noor Ayoub
Trainee CAT Agent

"Volleyball was such a great day out! This is the second time I've been lucky enough to take part in this having been rewarded for my hard work. It was a super day out meeting the newer members of the Flock and spending time with some colleagues that we're normally too busy to speak to unless it's over lunchtime. The highlights were what seemed like an hour and a half marathon match, and leaping like a Viking salmon to keep the game alive! Shout out to Rachel Suffling who was our secret weapon!! Thoroughly enjoyable and much appreciated."

Rodney 2
Matt Lott
Sales Agent
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