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Half-Hourly Electricity Meters and Reports.

Technology that allows a business to accurately measure usage and proactively manage it is what’s so great about our Half-Hourly report that our Half-Hourly Meter customers benefit from.

The report allows Black Sheep customers with Half-Hourly meters to see their usage by time, day, and date for every meter that we manage for them.  This information is used to create trend graphs that allow customers to get an idea of their consumption over a period e.g. a month.

Having this insight allows customers to analyse their consumption and make changes e.g. if consumption is high even when occupancy is low, perhaps there’s equipment that needs to be turned off or an occupancy sensor system installed.

At Black Sheep Utilities, we’re passionate about helping our customers to cut their emissions, so the report also relates the consumption information to the businesses’ unique environmental impact.

This is a benefit we give our customers free of charge, something a number of Energy and Technology consultancies out there charge businesses big money for.

If you would like to discuss this report or having a half-hourly meter installed, please get in touch with one of the Black Sheep team and we’d be very happy to help.

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