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We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with British Gas Business to provide our customers with Electric Vehicle charging points.

In November 2020 the government announced changes to their current policy regarding electric vehicles, bringing forward the deadline to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Between 2030 to 2035 new cars and vans will only be able to be sold if they have the capability to drive a significant distance with zero emissions. Further details regarding the exact requirements for Hybrid vehicles will be defined through a further consultation process.

From 2035 all new cars and vans will be fully zero emission at the tailpipe.

A number of manufacturers, including Ford & Volvo, have already announced their intentions for all new models from 2030 to be fully electric. 

What does this mean for my Business?

The upcoming changes will provide a variety of challenges and opportunities for different business types which it’s easiest to define into two main categories.

Fleet operators – Operators of fleets of cars or vans will require bespoke depot and on road charging logistics.  From small businesses running 1-2 cars or vans up to large multi vehicle and site fleets, here at Black Sheep Utilities we can provide bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.

Parking Management –  Businesses that operate any type of area or space where vehicles are parked. Although initially businesses in this group will require logistical support and EV charging points for staff and or any fleet vehicles they also have potential to further develop and potentially monetize their EV Charging point infrastructure. Black Sheep Utilities provides logistical planning and financial development of Electrical Vehicle charging point infrastructure delivering outstanding return on investment.

EV Charging points and Grants

With the recent change in government policy there are also grants available for businesses covering upto 75% of the cost per socket capped at £350 per socket. It’s important to note that Electric Vehicle charging points are available with more than one socket and that the grants are calculated on a per socket basis not on a per charging point basis.

Currently only registered businesses with a Companies House reference number, charities and public sector organisations are eligible for the grant. In some cases VAT registration numbers or Companies House registration letters can also be used.

Each individual business can apply for grants covering upto 40 sockets per business not location and there is additional guidance for any linked businesses which will be treated as a linked enterprise dependent on a number of factors. More information can be found here.

Eligibility requirements and value of grants were recently reduced from £500 to £350 on the 01st April 2020 whilst also increasing the number of sockets grants are available for from 20 to 40 per company.  Currently it’s unclear when there might be any further changes to the grant values and or criteria so let our team of experts at Black Sheep Utilities guide you through the process whether you’ve previously applied and received grants or are applying for the first time, we’re here to help.

Confused about different Charging points?

There are three different types of charge points you can plug your Electric Vehicle into – rapid, fast or slow. Although the naming of each type is indicative of the time it will take to charge your car, the actual time is also dependent on the individual vehicle and size of battery. Don’t worry though our expert team here at Black Sheep Utilities are here to guide you through the entire process.

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